Git Merge Alias

I am a strong advocate for using a coherent branching model when collaborating on software projects. It can be a full git-flow pattern, maybe GitHub flow, or some hybrid between them. There as many ways to do it as there are developers. Just be self-consistent and we’ll work well together. One feature that’s common across all branching models is the need for your target branches in sync. For example, with git-flow you cannot finish a feature if your local develop is behind origin develop. The solution is simple enough

git fetch origin develop:develop

This says to update (or create) your local develop branch based on the latest develop branch on origin1. This is equivalent to

git checkout develop
git fetch
git pull

Note that the equivalence is only valid if your merge can be fast-forwarded. If you made the mistake of making local develop changes that now conflict with origin, you are on your own.

Well, the odds of remembering that and not having to search Stack Overflow again are slim. Instead, we can make an alias to make this a little easier to remember. These two aliases can be added to your git config to enable syncing on a specified branch or a hardcoded branch. Your choice.

    sync = "!f(){ git fetch origin ${1}:${1}; };f"
    synca = "!f(){ git fetch origin develop:develop && git fetch origin master:master; };f"

The ${1} takes the first argument following your alias command.

git synca        // fetch and sync both develop and master branches without disturbing your current branch
git sync develop // fetch and pull just develop without disturbing your current branch

That’s all for today!

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