Current Senior Software Engineer at Pyramid Technologies with 10 years of experience specializing in the development of high-availability embedded devices, automated tooling, and performance optimization. I have production experience in designing and deploying modern machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions. My goal is to help teams produce great products by contributing my experience, willingness to learn and share, and by always trying to do the right thing. I love learning new programming languages and technologies, deep-diving into zero-day exploits, and finding new ways to be productive. My hobbies include geeking out with baking science, mountain biking, and keeping my 3D printer running.


Pyramid Technologies, Mesa, AZ — Senior Software Engineer | July 2017 - Present

Pyramid Technologies, Mesa, AZ — Software Engineer | November 2012 - July 2017


Georgia Institute of Technology, M.S. Computer Science | August 2016 - December 2018

Artificial intelligence with an emphasis in computer vision and compilers. Special projects include homographic projection and game theory intelligence algorithms.

DeVry University, B.S. Computer Engineering | July 2010 - November 2012

FPGA programming, digital logic, and a capstone project of remote software for a robotic submersible.

Project Catalog

New Product — Embedded System

Reliance Thermal Printer — Embedded System

Spectra Bill Validator — Embedded System

Pro-2 Programmer - Embedded System

Phoenix Tools - PC Software

Acceptor Tools - PC Software

Reliance Tools - PC Software

Manufacturing Automation - Linux Software


A Bluetooth vending machine device US20160086417A1.